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To promote to everyone an awareness of the benefits of all natural body care products. We are motivated because we care.


PASSIONATELY FREE BODY CARE is a provider of all natural cold process homemade soaps and other body care products.

We are a driver in the trend to bring simple, all natural soaps back to the foreground of our consciousness. Why?

         The skin is the largest organ of the body – Web MD

Cosmetic ingredients most certainly are absorbed through the skin – Cancer prevention coalition website

Handmade soap preserves the integrity of the oils/fats/butters. Coconut oil goes in, saponified (made into soap) coconut oil comes out. Shea butter goes in, shea butter comes out. Because of this, the oils/fats/butters maintain their vitamins, minerals and skin-loving qualities in the final soap product. – Tinley Park Patch (Illinois)

Our all natural products are free from synthetic chemical additives with their potential for undetermined side effects and added risk for toxicity and allergy issues.

 By all natural, we mean:

            No artificial colorants

            No synthetic fragrance oils*

Our soaps and other products are homemade, using only familiar plant based ingredients as well as items known to be safe and beneficial in numerous applications. Many items are even edible by themselves. Foods and components of foods like some fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, coffee, teas, chocolates, oatmeal and others are featured in some of our soaps.  They are a source of natural coloration and aromas, and in some instances may provide beneficial properties for the body. Other natural components in our lists of ingredients include goat’s milk, clays, salts and essential oils.

 *The word "fragrance" stands for over a hundred and fifty different chemicals, any of which are potential allergens according to dermatologists. Essential oils like lavender for example have been enjoyed for thousands of years. Its' uses include as an anti-inflammatory and as an antiseptic. - .