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All Natural Handmade Soaps & Other Body Products

We use all natural ingredients chosen for their healthful and beneficial properties. We select essential oils and other natural sources of pleasant sensations and aromas, for a soothing and relaxing bathing or showering experience.

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Gardeners Soap

Our desire is to create for you a peaceful sense of healing for mind, body and soul.

Please see labels or tags on our products. You will find complete listings of the ingredients for each item. There will be essential oils (EO) in some products but never any fragrance oils (FO).

To everyone who visited our booth in Braselton this last October weekend, a heart felt thank you!

Please return to this site often to get updates on our list of body care products.

Our products are handmade in small batches to assure best quality. We have a stock ready to ship in 2 - 5 days. Some, however, are available only in limited quantity. Time requirements for fulfilling orders for out-of-stock items will be given if requested.

Chocolate Mint
We offer products with purpose, like facial soap, foot soap, dog soap, deodorant, body butters, spa products, butter bombs and much more.
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Promoting awareness of " All Natural" products & their benefits. We seek healing for your mind, body & soul. We stress the difference between " Natural " and " All Natural ". - Because we care!

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GENERAL INFORMATION you should know. (from researched sources):

(1)Today there are few true soaps on the market. Most body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products. (12/31/15).  True soaps are made by saponification. Fats or oils are reacted with alkali yielding soap plus glycerin. In mass produced synthetic soaps, the glycerin is removed and used to make other more profitable products. This is not a good thing for the soap because glycerin is a natural humectant (attracts moisture to the skin) and a soothing emollient (has the power to soften and relax the skin). Glycerin can be beneficial to dry, rough, flaky skin making it look and feel better. True soaps retain all the glycerin whereas mass produced soaps may add synthetic chemicals attempting to replace some of the benefits lost by removing the glycerin.   - FDA         

(2) Essential oils are derived directly from nature. They are distilled from flowers, herbs, leaves, bark, and fruit. Essential oils can improve soap qualities (some have therapeutic properties) while remaining wholesome and all natural. Fragrance oils imitate smells only; without added benefits. They are not all natural and can compromise product purity. - Health



Discover how common materials, and even food items can contribute properties to make beautiful and delightful soaps!

                                         OUR STORY

We started off making melt & pour soap ( a soap from the craft store ) in 2013. After some research we learned melt and pour soaps can contain some unwanted chemicals (i.e. SLES, triethanolamine, etc.) and did not have the benefits of all natural soap. So we proceeded to do seemingly endless amounts of research on the general subject of soap making only to come to the same conclusion. We could not believe the chemicals that big companies and even people who make natural products put in them. That is why we are " All Natural " not just natural. We did not realize the difference between " Natural " and " All Natural " until we started this venture.

Those who claim  they  are " Natural " are still using unwanted and harmful chemicals like lake colorants (petroleum based, from coal tars), fragrance oils, preservatives, SLS, SLES, etc., which can make their products unhealthy. It is legal to call a product natural that still contains harmful substances.

Remember, some things you put on your body can get into your body. Here at Passionately Free we only make 'All Natural " products with only all natural ingredients. Just read our ingredients list for each product and be assured that every product we make has benefits for your body. If there is a proposed product that calls for a harmful chemical  or a chemical preservative in it, we just don't make it. We also don't use glitter or any of that fancy looking stuff as it might look pretty but is not healthy for you.

We believe body products should have benefits and do something for you, not just smell like peaches or your favorite perfume which also isn't good for you or Gods green earth. God gave us " All Natural " materials to choose from to help keep us healthy, and that is why we use them. It's in our name. Because We Care!

  - Please see "OUR MISSION" on the drop down menu at the top of the page.

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